Ryan Madison – The Real Truth About The Adult Performer

Ryan Madison

Published August 7th, 2020

When these perverse and slanderous allegations came flying out of Twitter against me I wanted to reclaim my innocence. However, because our industry was shut down due to the COVID pandemic and the #MeToo Movement and subsequent “Cancel Culture” I thought it best to stay quiet since all the women accusing me and our company were getting a pedestal and loud applause for coming out even though they were exaggerating and spewing vicious lies. They were automatically believed and supported regardless of the lack of facts that exist. I was living in a “guilty until proven innocent” reality, so before I could even begin to clear my name, the Trial by Twitter was well underway.

The mainstream media groups jumped on the story using shocking headlines and over the top statements with no regard for destroying peoples’ reputations all while operating with zero facts, narrating a topic they have little idea about, and even willing to lie themselves. Some of them never reached out to us but falsely claimed they did.

The Attacks Against Ryan Madison Start

This began on June 5th, 2020 during the ongoing series of riots and civil unrest, people were riled up and rightly so. In the middle of all this culmination of anger, Annabel Redd went to social media to proclaim her false claims of me violating her boundaries. The most egregious thing was she painted me out to be a monster and concluded that I forcefully held her down and did an unwanted cream pie. She portrayed the environment in a way in which she didn’t have a voice to communicate. Therefore I have provided all the raw footage of that scene from 2 simultaneously running cameras so you can see what truly happened.

I was extremely nice and easy-going throughout the shoot. This is how I am with all of my scenes. I asked Annabel 6 different times if she was OK and cut over 25 times giving her plenty of opportunities to communicate if something was wrong. Not only did she not say anything to forewarn a problem, but she also appeared to be completely comfortable. I tell everyone from the beginning that they can call cut at any time. I’m not an intimidating guy, when the cameras are rolling I’m an aggressive performer, but when the cameras stop I’m laid back, a bit goofy and not the authoritative person she’s making me out to be. She had several occasions to express her needs that day and the following day. Yes, the following day! She came back the very next day and did another cream pie scene with me (Ryan Madison). Never mentioned to me, our crew, or her agent that anything was amiss. She falsely claims that she communicated her “no’s” but she did not do so on her paperwork, questionnaire, during her interview, to myself or my crew. In fact, when it came to the cream pie, she was completely agreeable with it as you will see in the raw video footage provided here.

The most disgusting accusation came from Monica Sage. She went on social media saying that during our anal scene I was so aggressive that I ripped her anus and wouldn’t stop and posted pictures of blood claiming it was from her anus. Everyone on social media went crazy. There were a few people who pointed out that it looked like period blood and she vehemently denied it.

Monica Sage tweet about Ryan Madison
Monica Sage tweet about Ryan Madison
Monica Sage tweet about Ryan Madison
Monica Sage tweet about Ryan Madison

But in fact, it WAS period blood, she was on her period which had started the day prior and she agreed to take her makeup sponge out for the scene. Here’s the video of her talking about it:

Raw Video Footage of Ryan Madison with Monica Sage

She also Tweeted about her scene and reached out to us asking for a password to our site so she could access photos.

Monica Sage tweet about Ryan Madison
Monica Sage DM about Ryan Madison

She is one of many accusers who posted great things about their scenes with us on their own free will. They also reached out to us after we shot them to either use our content for their Onlyfans or other promotion and/or asking to shoot with us again.

Khloe Kapri is one of those people. She shot with us three different times (twice with me), all of them cream pies (She’s claiming I forced the cream pies on her). If that was true, why did she come back and work with me again? I read her statement that “often people go back to their abusers.” Maybe if you’re in a relationship with the person or a family member but a porn company? Here are parts of a video from one of our directors interviewing her prior to her third scene talking about the cream pies that she did with me:

Khloe tweeted tons of positive things about her scenes with me (like the one below) but has now deleted them.

Khloe Kapri tweet about Ryan Madison

So many of these women who decided to jump on the “Cancel Me” bandwagon went out of their way to praise us after their shoots. They tried to claim they’re forced to say good things but that’s a made up scenario so they can change the narrative to fit their agenda at the moment. We’ve never forced agents to work with us, we don’t force talent to work with us or promote us. We have never blacklisted a performer in all of our 20 years. We have never not paid a performer, we have never threatened that someone wouldn’t get paid if they didn’t finish a scene they weren’t comfortable with. Kenzie Madison and Lexi Lore also decided to join the “Witch Hunt”. These are the same girls who tweeted nothing but positive things after their scene with me. Kenzie Madison wanted to work with us again and Lexi Lore did work for our company again.

Kenzie Madison tweet about Ryan Madison
Kenzie Madison tweet about Ryan Madison
Kenzie Madison tweet about Ryan Madison
Lexi Lore tweet about Ryan Madison

Sovereign Syre jumped in and decided to tell lies to her agent saying I abused her on set but tweeted this after our scene together. She also reached out to us multiple times wanting to shoot with us again.

Sovereign Syre tweet about Ryan Madison
Sovereign Syre tweet about Ryan Madison
Sovereign Syre tweet about Ryan Madison

Kinsley Karter told the Daily Beast the first time shooting for us she spit up her salad after doing deep throat, she said I stopped the scene, turned on the shower and she was in there crying for 10 mins before returning to finish the scene. I did stop the cameras and turned the shower on for her but the audio was rolling and you can hear what really happened. She was only in the shower for a few minutes and we were talking and laughing about the situation. She is another one who shot for our company again. Here is the audio right after the deep throat:

They all wanted to be on the same team regardless of their personal experience with me. There were 3 girls that said they had a bad experience with me that I never even met before. Their depiction of me and my character is so twisted.

I am a performer for the camera and nothing more. I thought these women were doing the same. 

– Ryan Madison

Porn performer Siri jumped in and said her scene ended with me forcing a cream pie on her as well. The scene was a 3-some and there was also a camera person there. The cum shot was on her breasts, it’s all on film.

Over my 20 year career, there have been a handful of scenes that didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked and Jane Wylde’s scene was one of them. There were 2 problems that day. It first started with the initial blowjob. It was in a bed under the sheets. In the middle of that shot, Jane became uncomfortable being under the sheets. She got emotional and called cut. We asked what happened and she said that she gets like this sometimes but that everything was OK. We asked her if she needed a break and she said she was fine, she just couldn’t breathe while under the sheets. We proceeded and everything seemed satisfactory until the end. The last part of the scene was for me to grab her arms and walk her off-camera. So that’s what we did and after we called cut she got upset and said I grabbed her arms too hard, so I apologized. When The Daily Beast interviewed her she made up a crazy scenario trying to spin the narrative that the reason why our crew was all women that day was a ploy to get her to let her guard down and give her a false sense of security. Are you kidding? She went on to say, “Then I left the house of women… and that’s when it started to get very predatory.” She was with our female camera person the entire shoot. She failed to mention that. Maybe because her story doesn’t sound so scary if you knew there was another young woman with her on set the entire time.

Looking back now I should have done things differently. If the girls asked me what positions we were going to do or what angles we needed, I would mostly say “let’s wing it” and their overwhelming response was something in the regards of “great, that’s the way I liked to shoot as well”. My objective by taking this approach was trying to avoid a staged, robotic performance, I wanted to capture a spontaneous, genuine moment. But, when it comes to the cream pie, that has never been a spontaneous or deceitful act. Each cream pie is planned out with the female talent’s required participation in order for it to be filmed correctly. There are no surprises. This is clear in all my videos. In hindsight, I should have made it “overly clear” that it was a cream pie scene prior to starting the shoot but I was under the impression that they already knew and agreed since they were shooting for our company in the first place. It is no secret we do cream pies. We book the girls for cream pie scenes. Every agent is quite aware of what niche we’re in and exactly what type of content I shoot. It’s also all over the internet and on our sites, IT’S NO SECRET! We’re operating a porn company, not a daycare which brings me to my bigger point.

Many years ago, my scenes were really rough, far more than recent. The female talent I worked with actually would surprise me how rough they preferred it. They would tell me to go harder, spank them, you name it. I worked with all types of women, younger, older, black, white, almost everyone and they talked about what they liked and didn’t like. These were the women who sought out to be in this industry, in other words, they went looking for porn. Just the act of pursuing a porn career on your own takes a certain strength that is needed in this industry. Now the agents pursue young women on Social Media seducing them into the industry promising them big money and fame. You have to be emotionally mature to be in this industry and one clear sign of your maturity is if you can communicate effectively, and especially so in a laid back, friendly environment like ours.

Amber Addis is another one that thinks it’s OK to say whatever she wants regardless of who she hurts. She said she was “groomed” because our staff was so nice to her? I’m so disheartened by these false and outrageous allegations that we were using the kindness and professionalism of our crew as some kind of tool to get her to let her guard down. So the crew is supposed to be mean? She also told The Daily Beast “We didn’t cut at all—he didn’t let me cut”, “It was so painful, because this was an hour and a half of rough sex without any lubrication whatsoever—and he didn’t stop.” I cut 23 times and captured on film 15 different occurrences of me using lube. Here’s the video of the lube:

It’s disgusting how Jane Wylde and Amber Addis tried to use my female professional workforce as some kind of evil ploy to get their guards down. We have always strived to be as pleasant and accommodating as we can to all talent. I have made it clear time and time again to all my employees to treat everyone with respect and kindness and as a result, over a thousand people have expressed how enjoyable it was to work with us. Its sad none of these women can speak up in our defense without the fear of getting attacked and not being seen as pro-woman if they do.

Here are a few other allegations that are just ridiculous but because The Daily Beast decided to give them a voice with no consequences, I will respond.

Gracie May Green told the Daily Beast I forced her to do a cream pie, however this particular shoot we did a facial so that’s a lie. She even tweeted after my scene with her that she didn’t do a cream pie because of vaginal issues and she also said she wishes she could shoot with us again and how caring and talented we were.

Gracie May Green tweet about Ryan Madison

Alex Harper worked for our company twice and just before the COVID shutdown booked a 3rd scene with me (it was canceled the same day due to a yeast infection). She also used the photos I took of her for self-promotion including putting them on her agency model page. Here are some Tweets she posted after our scene.

Alex Harper tweet about Ryan Madison
Alex Harper tweet about Ryan Madison

Arabelle Raphael accused us of being prejudiced because we had her wear a belly dancing outfit which is just ridiculous. She told us that she loved the belly dancing outfit and asked us where we purchased it. They made fun of me in my costume, and it was all tongue in cheek. The day of the shoot she was clearly happy and not once in my 20-year career have I ever forced anyone to wear something or do something they didn’t like. She is another one who reached out to us several times after the shoot wanting to work with us again.

Bella Roland said, “I pretended to be recording their scene in order to have sex with her without the cameras rolling.” Yes, this is true. I was operating multiple cameras and adjusting all the lighting, etc. myself for this scene. I usually cut every 2 to 3 minutes to get different angles, focus, etc. Sometimes I lose my erection running back and forth. I didn’t want to appear “soft” while the cameras are rolling. The only reason why she even knew the cameras weren’t recording was because I told her. While we were “fluffing” (which only takes a few moments) she started to fake moan so I told her that wasn’t necessary because the cameras aren’t on. It’s as simple as that.

I can go on and on refuting these allegations but the sad truth is, if you get a dozen people on social media to repeat the same thing it very quickly becomes the truth. Several women tried to speak up in our defense but in the ugly world of social media, they were immediately silenced.

Our company has prided itself on being a fun environment that makes a professional product. People have enjoyed working with us for over 20 years. Our sites have been widely popular because of so many talented and wonderful people we have worked with and we are truly grateful to them.